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Museum of Ferdinando Cospi, Bologna, 1677


  • »For my studio organization one can talk about a whole new world (studio) order. We talk about the messy time, BA and the now time, AA - After Archiv. Filling an archive is very time consuming. But for us here in the studio, we're very happy with the effort invested, as archiv is so very practical and also fun to work with.«

    Kirstine Roepstorff

  • »Füttern, suchen, finden und bei Bedarf teilen. Ein digitales Werkverzeichnis, so wie ich es mit archiv gefunden habe, schwebte mir schon seit geraumer Zeit vor. Das erspart eine Menge Arbeit, schafft einen guten Überblick und ist von überall her zugänglich.«

    Thomas Florschuetz


  • share

    select works in your archiv inventory to share online with galleries or collectors. shared artworks can be viewed, put on hold, or marked as sold. create and print pdfs directly from your archiv.

    publications & press

    organise and store publications (catalogues, interviews, reviews, texts) as pdf files. create custom categories and link to related exhibitions or events.

  • stay current

    update and share your biography and bibliography. document exhibitions or events by recording lists of exhibited works, installation views, and related publications & press.

    attach a website

    use the archiv integrated editor to link your inventory to a custom designed or existing website and 'one click' publish your data online. (website templates available october 2014.)

services & expertise

  • custom archiv

    if your requirements are unique or special features are required, a personalised archiv can be tailor-made to meet your specific demands. should you prefer a private 'in-house' server, or require ssl-encryption, we provide consultation and assistance in configuring a custom installation.

  • bespoke website design

    we offer full design services in creating a new website, re-energizing an existing one or upgrading a site for mobile use.

    view some of our work here.



  • archiv artist edition

    single artist
    unlimited artwork (images/videos)
    edition management
    send artwork records as email
    create artwork groups
    and export as pdfs
    biography and bibliography
    exhibition history
    publications + press
    includes daily backups, software updates and unlimited support

    30€ / month

    contact us for a
    30 day free trial

    no credit card or payment
    information required

  • now available:

    archiv + website
    upgrade your archiv with a fully integrated artist website

    a unique offer that provides you with a variety of features and upgrades and gets you started with an essential product package at a very affordable price.

    download pdf
    to learn more

let us know if you would like us to import your data or integrate an existing website!

frequently asked questions

  • is there a minimum contract duration?

    no. archiv plans are month-to-month and you can cancel your contract at any time.

    what happens to my data if i cancel?

    if you cancel your account for any reason, your data will be exported to you via .csv format (Microsoft Excel), and deleted from our server. if you wish to access and view your archiv database, but not add to it, your account can be set to 'inactive'. inactive accounts require an annual hosting fee of 60€ (+ V.A.T.).

  • where is my data? is it safe and secure?

    your data is stored and backed up daily on a dedicated server hosted by our trusted german ISP (internet service provider). if you would prefer an 'in house' server solution for your archiv data, or if you require ssl-ecryption, we provide full service and support in configuring a custom installation suited to your needs.

    please contact us directly for more information regarding security and custom solutions.

  • more questions?

    we are happy to answer your questions via email or by calling dorothee directly at +49 (0)30 30342850, but the easiest way to find out more about archiv is to sign up for the no-risk 30 day free trial. a personal demo is also available upon request.


  • contact dorothee at +49 (0)30 30342850, or send us an email. we look forward to hearing from you!